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Roof Hazards

January 4, 2018 0

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When you search for at home, do you believe ‘Hmm, I wonder how they put the roof on top?’ most likely you do not, but at the exact same time browsing your area there are roofs everywhere – roofing is a highly risky occupation. Thinking about all the bending and kneeling, not to discuss the danger of working off ground level. In this post, we take a look at a few of the real threats that deal with Australian roofing contractors showing the point that proper roofing should never ever be do it yourself.

Working off the ground
When you’re up on the roof, even if the weather is best, or it’s drizzling, you have a possibility of falling off of the roof and sustaining major injuries. A report launched by Safe Work Australia exposed that the construction market consisting of roofers/roof tilers where at many risk when it concerns falls from heights. At Sydney Wide Roofing Co, we not just specialise in roof repair and roof replacement we likewise install ventilation, skylights and insulation, amongst the numerous tasks these jobs each incorporate. This articles by Buildings has some great tips regarding roof safety

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Here are a few of the reasons for falling:

Journey Hazards: The roofing professional should watch their step when working around the tools, cords, building and construction materials and other devices resting on the roof.
Abrupt wind gusts: Windy conditions can cause the roofing professional to lose their balance especially when they are focusing on their job.
Serious Heat: Residing In Sydney, it can get particularly hot in the summer months. Because warm, bright weather condition is best for roof conditions even during winter season, you’ll find roofing contractors developing on the roof, heat fatigue may set in.
Slip Dangers: These include loose roofing products and surface areas that are slippery when damp (especially when it’s been rainy weather condition).
Falls brought on by structural weak point: This can happen when changing an old roof, workers could fall through holes and vulnerable points, or an area of the roof could collapse.

Asbestos Roofing systems
Any job including asbestos is dangerous – workers can develop illness emerging from exposure to it consisting of lung cancer, breathing problems, pleural thickening etc. At Sydney Wide Roofing Co, we are experts in Asbestos removal, restoration and disposal. We can do this both securely and effectively with the correct equipment and training to handle asbestos. Failure to do so can have dire consequences for Australian households as seen in this Sydney Morning Herald Article

Experienced Roofers
They’re able to problem resolve on the go, and as with any type of building, “surprises” about the roof structure can always take place so understanding what to do in those situations can be the distinction between a small repair to a significant repair. As experienced roofers, approximating depths and height likewise gives a professional roofing contractor the edge over diy-ers.

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