Ben performing a stump removal in the Sutherland Shire

Facts about Stump Grinding

October 16, 2017 0

If you’ve had a tree chopped down, or it’s fallen down, you’ll have to do something regarding the stump that’s been left behind. If you do not the decrepit tree’s roots may transmit out a lot of sprouts, or suckers, which in turn can spread quickly, become deep-rooted, and before you know it, will definitely become brand new trees. Old stumps also lure termites that may spread into the surrounding structures.

If you need a stump grinding service urgently, there are a select few who can do the job properly – During the process, the tree stump itself is decreased in to small chips, a little larger than sawdust particles, these chips can then be utilised as mulch or to pack in the opening left by the ground down stump.

Regularly asked questions concerning Stump Removal services

Chippers Tree Service

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Can the stump grow back once its been ground?

No, it won’t. It’s gone for good.

Can you grind stumps on a sharp slope?

No. We can’t. The steepest slope we can work on is 15 degrees.

Will you clean up my yard and can I use the sawdust as mulch?

Yes. We make sure we leave every site spick-and-span. You can make use of your compost and we can assist you spread it over your garden.

Can I hire a grinder and do it myself?

Stump grinding must primarily be done by properly trained and experienced professionals. The machines themselves can vary from lawn mower size to being as large as a small car. Chippers Tree Service not only has the appropriate gear, but our work force comes prepared with all the obligated AQF documentations required for stump grinding. We undertake pre-site checkups to ascertain that all of the underground services are situated prior to work commencing.