Choosing The Right Paint For Your Surface

November 30, 2017 0

It’s true that you can most likely paint anything. Should you paint whatever with the same brush? Provide the surface areas in and around your home brand-new life by selecting the best paint, brushes, and approaches.


The key to a successfully-painted metal surface remains in the prep work.
Before You Paint: Use a wire brush to remove the surface. Your objective here is to eliminate rust and flaking. Wipe all the dust away with a damp fabric. Utilize a brand-new, clean fabric to thoroughly rub the surface down to produce a spotless surface. Sand with 220-grit sandpaper till it’s smooth so you can get a long life out of your paint task. Rinse with water, or clean down with a moist cloth, and let dry.

The Paint and Process: First, apply an exterior-grade primer that is formulated for metal. It’s wise to do two coats of primer for metal. Use an exterior-grade paint developed for metal with a brush or sprayer once that has dried. You’ll likely have to do a minimum of 2 coats.


The methods for painting wood are various, depending on if you’re painting bare or painted wood.
Before You Paint: If you’re working with bare wood, sand with great sandpaper until the surface is smooth. If the wood is already painted, utilize a non-residue cleaner on it. You can also eliminate paint with a putty knife. Complete any dings with wood putty. Sand the wood, and clean down the surface.

The Painting and Process: Use a paint brush, instead of a foam brush. For bare wood, use a stain-blocking primer first, and finish with latex or oil-based paint. Sand in between coats if you need to utilize more than one coat. For painted wood, you’ll also wish to use a stain-blocking primer. Then surface with latex paint.

Fiberglass Exterior Doors:

To do a great task, this takes a little bit of heavy lifting. However the outcomes will deserve it.
Before You Paint: Remove the door and lay it throughout a pair of saw horses. Remove all hardware, and after that sand lightly with sandpaper. There will be dust, and you can eliminate it with a rag that has been moistened with acetone. Let the door dry, then clean with a moderate detergent. Let it dry again.

The Paint and Process: First, prime the surface with an acrylic latex guide. Enable it to dry. Then, utilizing a brush, use a coat of exterior-grade latex paint with smooth strokes. Gently sand the surface once it has dried, and after that apply a second coat.